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If fxri started properly, then Ruby is installed correctly. Congratulations! Lastly, you need to be familiar with running Ruby and its associated utilities from the command prompt, so go to the Start menu, then Run, and type cmd into the box and click OK ( Command Prompt might also be in your Programs menu under Accessories ). You should be presented with a command prompt, like that in Figure 1-2.

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Throughout this book, commands that can be used at the command prompt will be given. This is because using a command prompt such as this is a standard technique in operating systems such as Linux and OS X. For example, in 7 we ll look at installing extra features (libraries) for Ruby, and the command prompt will be used for this. Therefore, it s necessary for you to know how to access it and run programs. If you type irb at this prompt and press Enter, you should see something like the following:

To use the storyboard formatter, copy the BBP Storyboard Formatter Basic.potx le from the companion CD to a folder on your local computer. Locate the BBP Storyboard Formatter on your local computer, and double-click it. Because the le format is a PowerPoint 2007 Design Template, as indicated by the .potx le extension, doubleclicking the le will open a new presentation based on the template s formatting. Your

If you see the preceding line, everything is set up correctly, and you can type exit and press Enter to be returned to the command prompt. Now you can move on to 2 and start to play with the Ruby language itself.

When you search for the word who, you find that it s located at index 4: >>> knights[4] 'who' However, when you search for 'herring', you get an exception because the word is not found at all.

Unlike Windows, most modern Apple machines running Mac OS X come with a version of Ruby already installed, which means you can get started straight away. Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x) comes with Ruby 1.8.2 by default, and OS X Tiger (10.4.x) comes with Ruby 1.8.4.


Note It s likely that OS X Leopard, due to be released in 2007, will come with the latest version of Ruby,

so if you re running that operating system, unavailable at the time of writing, you might already be set to go!

Most of the code in this book works fine with Ruby 1.8.2 or higher, so if you re running Mac OS X Panther or Tiger, you don t need to do anything special. To find out which version of OS X you re running, click the Apple menu at the top left of your screen and select About This Mac. If the version of OS X is later than 10.3, you should have Ruby installed already.

PowerPoint le contains one blank slide and is now shown in Slide Sorter view. Name and save the new PowerPoint le on your local computer.

The insert method is used to insert an object into a list: >>> >>> >>> [1, numbers = [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7] numbers.insert(3, 'four') numbers 2, 3, 'four', 5, 6, 7] As with extend, you can implement insert with slice assignments: >>> >>> >>> [1, numbers = [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7] numbers[3:3] = ['four'] numbers 2, 3, 'four', 5, 6, 7]

If you re using OS X Tiger (10.4.x), use Apple s Software Update to upgrade to the latest version of Tip

OS X, as Apple improved Ruby distribution included in OS X from version 10.4.6 onward. Without this upgrade, you might need to reinstall Ruby manually to get some extensions, such as Ruby on Rails, to work correctly. Although this isn t a concern for the first two sections of this book, it could cause you some confusion later on.

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